Standoff Systems

Standoff systems are more than just functional connectors—they are design elements that uplift urban spaces to new heights. From their role in displaying art to enhancing navigation, these systems embody the synergy of form and function in urban design. Standoffs are components that are used to space media at a fixed distance from a mounting surface. They are often used to mount signs vertically on an interior wall, with the distance between the wall and the sign being determined by the design of the standoff system.

Stylish mounting hardware elevates the quality of any signage installation. Not only can it be used for traditional applications, but think about the many other creative possibilities open to the designer or merchandiser. Use spacers as shelf supports for merchandising risers, or mount them to walls for use as hanging hooks. Their versatility is as unmatched as is their dramatic flair for design.

The primary components of a standoff system are barrels and standoff caps. Standoff barrels are typically made of stainless steel or aluminum and are designed to hold the sign or other media at the desired distance from the wall. Standoff caps are attached to the ends of the barrels and serve to hold the sign or media in place. Together, the barrels and caps create a secure and professional-looking mounting solution for signs and other media.

Standoffs are an effective and stylish way to mount signs and other media on walls. They provide a clean and modern look and can be used in a variety of settings, from offices and storefronts to museums and galleries.

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