What is a Comprehensive Sign Plan?

A Comprehensive Sign Plan (CSP) is a document that describes signage specifications for a building or campus of buildings. Its goal is to bring consistency and effectiveness to all signage within a facility. It describes, for example, at what height signs must be, acceptable colors, how signs must be lit, size requirements, acceptable areas on walls, windows and exteriors for signage. Comprehensive Sign Plans are filed with your city and are referenced during the permitting process.

What is “Wayfinding?”

Wayfinding is as it sounds: signs designed to help you find your way. We’ve all had the experience in a large facility of heading off where the sign pointed you, only to become less and less comfortable as you pass hallways (those are called decision points) wondering if you were still headed in the right direction. There’s a fine art to proper way finding, and it’s not simply a convenience issue. Getting lost is annoying. Asking your employees for directions costs time if they are helpful and costs customer service if they aren’t.

Does every sign need a permit?

No, not all signs need a permit. Each municipality has unique sign ordnances. We can confirm permitting requirements in all municipalities no matter the size of your sign project.

Does Epic Signs also install my sign?


Can Epic Signs install nationally?

Yes, either through Epic Signs employees or qualified sub-contractors.

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